About Oshibori

"Kawai shoji" was established about 40 years ago having the purpose for serving "Oshibori" in Kobe area.We have been making trust from our customers and good results.

As you know, "Oshibori" is Japanese traditional stuff, which is told that it began in Edo era (1603-1868) .

Serving "Oshibori" at first means treating your guest. This is a kind of Japanese habit.


We would like people to experience one of Japanese traditions.

To apply is very simple. Just telling us when, where, which type of towel you will use.


Pictures of "Oshibori" is below.

white 70

- regular type

- reasonable price

yellow 70

- regular type

- reasonable price

white 3 lines 90

- lines make towel more luxury

white 120

- bigger and thicker than white 70

- for luxury use

yellow 90

- bigger and thicker than yellow 70

- for luxury use

In addition to towels above, we have two more

- brown 80

- white 140

Number means weight of towel. Larger the number is, more luxury it is.

メモ: * は入力必須項目です

Please don't use "Oshibori" as the usage below;

・ for cleaning floor, window, table like dust cloths

・ for rapping broken glasses

・ for wiping oil


Thank you for your co-operation to keep "Oshibori" clean and reasonable price.